Who is rehab for?

Who is rehab for?

Acknowledging you have an addiction is the first step to recovery. Addiction often refers to a physical or psychological need to continually use a substance or repeated behaviour that causes harm to yourself and / or those you love. Some substances can be more physically addictive than others and some people can become addicted to substances and other behaviours, depending on factors associated with their mental, physical and lifestyle circumstances.

So, what are the signs and symptoms of addiction?
· Regular or continued substance abuse to cope with factors such as emotional, social, relationship or physical issues.
· Neglecting responsibilities and activities that are important or you enjoy in life.
· Participating in dangerous or risky behaviours as a result of substance use.
· Reliance on the substance to experience a desired effect.
· Withdrawal symptoms when you are not using the substance or needing the substance to feel “normal”.
· Losing control of your substance use and being dependent or unable to stop despite trying.
· Substance use takes over your life.
If these are some of the signs and symptoms you are experiencing, you may need to consider rehabilitation. These are carefully explained in the cycle of addiction video on our SERVICES page.

Feeling overwhelmed about rehabilitation is completely normal, but rehabilitation centres can be used as an avenue to help people recover from their addictions, injuries and any physical and mental illnesses. Rehabilitation centres offer services that ensure there is a comprehensive relapse prevention process in place.

Some rehabilitation centres can be clinical and impersonal, however our centre provides a relaxed non-clinical retreat-style environment that focuses on an integrated treatment plan as explained on our services page. We specialise in drug and alcohol treatment and offer a complete program which includes medical assessment and supervision, counselling, medication, healthy nutrition and relaxation activities.

We value all walks of life and encourage people to get the care and privacy they need to succeed in their journey to optimal health. Whether you are working as a professional, an international visitor, or a local, we are with you every step of the way.

If you, or someone you know needs private drug or alcohol addiction management, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Feel welcome to visit our SERVICES page for more information. If you have a loved one you are concerned about, feel welcome to visit our FAMILY SUPPORT page.

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