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We are experts in dealing with addiction with over 29 years of experience in substance abuse & mental health issues. We focus on addressing the underlying issues from an integrated holistic framework to help our clients build long-term sustainable recovery so they are able to thrive, not just survive.

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What Causes Addiction?

At the Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab, we explain that repeated behaviour turns into an addiction when it causes a build-up of a protein in our brain neurons called Delta Phos B that hijacks the reward system in our brain. This is explained by Dr Norman Doidge in his bestselling book, ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’.

Dr Kevin McCauley in his video teaching ‘Pleasure Unwoven’ also explains that this repeated learning becomes an addiction when the Glutamate is programmed to pursue this Dopamine rush which permanently changes our brain chemistry and this addiction can end up controlling every area of our life. Addiction is both a physical change in our brain structure, as well as emotional and psychological. This is why relapses are so frequent and why we focus on building sustainable recovery as explained below.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Clients are welcome.


Why Come To Our Treatment Service?

We are experts in dealing with addiction with over 29 years of experience in substance abuse & mental health issues. We focus on addressing the underlying issues from an integrated holistic framework to help our clients build long-term sustainable recovery so they are able to thrive, not just survive.

Feel welcome to watch this video called Integrative Holistic Model that is part of our ‘Chemically Speaking Two’ video outlined on our training website ( The Integrative Holistic Model video explains that the Biological-Psychological-Spiritual-Social dynamics are involved in all life controlling problems and addictions. Therefore, these 4 dynamics must be involved in the treatment and solution. This model is also used by and explained by the well known psychiatrist; Dr Daniel Amen ( We promote Optimal Health, not tolerable recovery.

Here To Help You Every Step Of The Way

We will support you in your recovery through every step of the way. If you need detox first, (from 7 to 14 days) to withdraw safely from chemicals you have been using, such as alcohol or other drugs, we can arrange this in the same private detox facility. You can then continue on to complete our 28 day treatment program and stay for as long as you want to ensure you are ready to settle back into the challenges and complexities of life. We offer both LIVE-IN SHORT STAY REHAB (28 days or beyond), as well as INTENSIVE DAY TREATMENT for 16 full days, 9:30am – 3:30pm, (Mon to Thu or Tues to Fri), for people who live on the Gold Coast and are unable to stay overnight due to work or family commitments.

You may also just need time out from the pressures of life to work on your physical and / or mental wellbeing. Our experienced staff will help you to plan your treatment to achieve your goals. To maximise the outcomes for sustainable recovery, it is extremely important to address the underlying issues behind the addiction, otherwise the addiction can return with a vengeance; days, weeks or even many months down the track. Feel welcome to watch this video called Needs & Underlying Issues that is part of our ‘Chemically Speaking Two’ video outlined on our training website ( The Needs & Underlying Issues video explains that people are motivated by needs. Primarily, loving meaningful relationships and if our needs are not being met, we will find escape type behaviours, or cheap substitutes, (addictions) to meet our needs for love. Addiction is a cheap substitute for love.

Treatment Options

Your treatment program will introduce healthy lifestyle strategies to overcome cravings. This is a vital part of the treatment plan that will help you develop a thorough relapse prevention strategy. Our AfterCare support team will support your recovery after you leave and form part of your Tripod of Support; Counselling, Support Groups and regular contact with a Sponsor/Buddy, (someone with lived experience, who has overcome their addiction).

Relapse prevention is an integral part of this treatment from beginning to end that ensures this long-term recovery. This is why identifying and continuing to address the underlying issues that drive addictions is essential to maintain sustainable recovery. We will also provide your loved ones with family support resources to help them work together with you. Please see our FAMILY SUPPORT PAGE for further information.

Our Dual Diagnosis Consultant, George Patriki, is a recognised expert in this industry. He is our Director of Clinical Services who spent 7 years addicted to alcohol & other drugs; such as cannabis, speed, ICE, cocaine and heroin. He spent 10 years accessing various treatment services before becoming a therapist and has spent the last 29 years helping people with addictions, as well as training Government and Non-Government organisations over the last 22 years ( He understands your struggles and this is explained further on our STAFF PAGE.


Option 1: Intensive
Day Treatment Program

For people who live in the Gold Coast, or are able to stay in the Gold Coast with supervised support, we offer a beachfront Intensive Day Treatment Program. This is specially designed for people who need to be home for children, or are unable to stay at the short stay rehab overnight, due to work or family commitments. 

The Intensive Day Treatment for Addiction, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues, is delivered in a beachfront office as an individual one-on-one program with an ocean view as a backdrop. It is delivered Tuesdays to Fridays, (or Mondays to Thursdays), from 9:30am – 3:30pm for 4 weeks that provides 16 full days of Day Treatment. This program can also be added to the Short Stay Rehab described on the services page, for an additional fee, as outlined on our pricing page.

Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab respects people’s need for privacy, so we offer complete discretion and confidentiality with no electronic records that can be accessed by any other organisations, such as Medicare or private health insuranceThis is important for many people who want to protect their income protection policies from increasing premiums and loading, as well as potential problems with WorkCover issues.

This Intensive Day Treatment is delivered by our Clinical Director with 29 years of experience, who is a Dual Diagnosis Consultant and you can read about his qualifications and experience on the STAFF PAGE.

This treatment can also be paid through your superannuation or NDIS funding. Refer to pricing page.

Feel welcome to check out our 4wk treatment timetable by clicking on the tab below;

Option 2: Short Stay Rehab
Live-in 28 Day (& Beyond) Treatment Program

Our Short Stay Rehab, Live-In 28 Day (& Beyond) Treatment Program offers all of the integrated services listed below. 

People can choose either the Short Stay Rehab program, that includes 1 counselling session a day and stay full time at the retreat, (that’s complimented with allied health such as massage, acupuncture, personal training etc). 

Or they can choose the Intensive Day Treatment program explained above.

This treatment can also be paid through your superannuation or NDIS funding. Refer to pricing page.

Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling

Our treatment plan includes both one-to-one counselling and group therapy. Our therapists offer the following counselling strategies and therapies for addiction treatment:

  • Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Psycho-Dynamic Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Brief and Early Intervention
  • Pharmacotherapy (medication to support recovery when required)

We Treat All Addictions

  • Alcohol
  • Stimulants (Amphetamine [Speed], Methamphetamine [ICE], MDMA [Ecstasy] and Cocaine)
  • Cannabis
  • GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate)
  • Hallucinogens (LSD, PCP, Magic Mushrooms [Psilocybin], DMT, Ketamine etc)
  • Benzodiazepines (Diazepam, Alprazolam, Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Temazepam etc)
  • Nicotine
  • Opiates (Heroin, Codeine, Morphine, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl etc)
  • Any Prescription Medication Addiction
  • Gambling
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Workaholism
  • Food/Sugar
  • Eating Disorders (eg. Anorexia / Bulimia)
  • Social Media Addiction
  • Gaming Addiction
  • Relationships & Codependency
  • Performance & Approval Seeking Addiction
  • Shopping etc
  • Depression
  • Chronic Anxiety
  • Emotional States; Fear, Insecurity, Jealousy, Abandonment, Rejection, Worthlessness, Hopelessness, Anger & Rage etc

Cycle Of Addiction

If you would like to know more about the Cycle of Addiction, feel welcome to watch the Cycle of Addiction video that is part of our 2 hour ‘Chemically Speaking Two’ video outlined on our training website ( 

The Cycle of Addiction video explains the progression from experimentation, social/recreational use, harmful dependency and addiction. 

It is important to help people understand the difference between harmful drug use in stage 3 where people can maintain a level of control over their addiction and continue with their responsibilities, vs addiction in stage 4 where they lose control over their lives and are unable to stop even though they have tried. This is carefully explained in the video.


Complementary Therapies

We also believe addiction treatment works well alongside complementary therapies. All clients are offered complementary therapies as a matter of personal choice. Finding emotional balance and relaxation is a vital part of relapse prevention strategies. Our team will help you design a wellbeing routine that will suit your recovery program.

Our complementary therapists offer a range of modalities to complement your Short Stay Rehab treatment, including:

  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure, Reflexology and Bowen therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Diet, supplementation and nutritional advice
  • Swimming, water and spa therapy
  • Far Infra-Red therapy

If don’t want complementary therapies, the beach is not far and sometimes a walk along the beach can be a wonderful medicine!

Food & Nutrition

At the Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab, we encourage our clients to embrace Optimal Health as their goal, not just tolerable recovery. Apart from all the strategies explained above, we explain the nutritional benefits of home cooked meals as well as enjoying healthy meals. Our trained kitchen staff cook healthy gourmet-meals that are designed and supervised by a qualified Nutritionist. We believe that meals should be prepared according to principles of using fresh wholefood using local seasonal produce, such as fresh fruits, salads and vegetables that promote detoxification, mental health and energy.

We want you to enjoy your food as this is a great opportunity to interact with others. Clients are offered coffee and tea with breakfast, followed by the option of decaffeinated beverages after lunch to ensure that the quality of sleep is not compromised. Fresh juices and smoothies are always available during the day.

Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab is able to cater to all food requirements and tastes. If you have any food preferences during your stay, we are more than happy to accommodate you. Our Nutritionist is able to accommodate meals for vegetarians, vegans and people who suffer from allergies or food intolerances. The menu offers dairy, fish, chicken and red meat for non-vegetarians.

During the assessment stage we will offer you the opportunity to go to an integrative doctor near you that will test your biochemistry levels to determine if you have any medical concerns that impact your recovery and health, such as; unbalanced methylation levels, nutrient deficiencies (zinc, B vitamins etc) that compromise your mental health and general wellbeing. This integrative medical care will continue during your stay with us and beyond into the Tripod of Support Aftercare. We will offer weekly intravenous vitamin therapy to help the body and brain to recover, along with oral supplements we will give you.

The Journey Of A Mile Begins With The First Step

“The journey of a mile begins with the first step”… Regardless of what stage you are at in your addiction, our expert staff will speak with you over the phone to help you plan your recovery to meet your needs. You may be looking for more information, or you may be ready to start your treatment. We offer a service for people at various stages of change. Feel welcome to watch this video called the Stages of Change that is part of our ‘Chemically Speaking Two’ video outlined on our training website ( 

The Stages of Change video explains the progression from pre-contemplation, to contemplation, to decision, to action to maintenance. We encourage you to watch these 5 videos in order on our services page with your friends and family involved in your support network, as it will help you all to understand each other and speak the same language.

We encourage people considering treatment to watch the Stages of Change video, then sit down with a pen and paper to determine the costs of doing the rehab treatment, vs the cost of not doing the rehab treatment. This is explained further on our PRICING page. Please remember that you will suffer doing the treatment and you will suffer not doing the treatment. Either way, you will suffer, but you may as well suffer completing your treatment and having something to show for it, rather than suffering in your addiction and have nothing to show for it. At the Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab we have a saying, that we will drive our car, work and relationships by our principles, values and morals…. REGARDLESS OF HOW WE FEEL…!!! This is the cornerstone of sustainable recovery.

As many of our clients say, “It’s wonderful to be free from the control of this addiction that was destroying every part of my life. It’s great to start living again and actually enjoy life instead of enduring it in my addiction. Thanks heaps for your help.”

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