Response to lies by addiction by M.M

You are not my disease, you are your own disease.

I am a child of God and he has set me free.

You do not affect my sleep, or the peace in my mind.

As my father said, I am one of a kind.

You are not welcome, so on your way you go.

You are not so smart, all your flaws you show.

Family, friends and loved ones will always be with me.

You are weak and pitiful, and can take nothing from me.

You were there for a while, but now it’s time to go.

My happiness is in God, you are a weak foe.

I don’t lie about you, I see you for what you do.

I call out your falsehood, no control belongs to you.

You present as a friend, but you are the enemy.

Jesus is on my side, and the truth I see.

You have no power, to turn anyone from me.

You are full of weakness, with no ties to be.

I am free from you, I don’t care what you say.

Addiction is what I beat, every single day.

I know what you are, that knowledge I have now.

And I know the way now, how to kick you out.

Go on your way, you have no place here to stay.

What you say means nothing, you’ve been chased away.

As you are gone, you shall not return.

Be your own disease, and with your lies you’ll burn.

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