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Private Drug Rehab Gold Coast

Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab is a private drug rehab on the Gold Coast that specialises in the treatment of addictions. We treat all addictions, whether it’s a drug addiction, chemical addiction, alcohol addiction, behaviour addiction or mood disorders.

Every journey begins with a single step and taking the first step in the recovery from an addiction is a very important one. Taking action as soon as you become aware of a repeated behaviour forming an addiction is vital and our private drug rehab provides all the services to assist our clients safely detox, heal and recover from their addiction.

Our clients are all treated with respect, dignity and compassion. We care for our clients and our private drug rehab centre are experts in helping people break the cycle of addiction.

We have over 28 years’ experience in the treatment of addictions and are professionals at assisting our clients regain control of their lives and build a sustainable and long-term recovery.

Our private rehab is based in a relaxed and non-clinical styled environment. We provide 24 hour supervised treatment and also provide our clients with regular massage, acupuncture, exercise, swimming pool and spa access, nutrition, intravenous vitamin therapy and natural medicines though our integrative doctors.

We use a family systems approach when available and we encourage family and loved ones to play a role in the treatment process by providing understanding and support. We provide families and loved ones with the tools required to assist in the healing process. Often underlying issues can cause a repeated behaviour and an addiction to manifest. We work through these underlying issues with our clients and the families and loved ones of the person seeking treatment.

Returning to a broken family system often places the risk of relapse onto the person leaving rehab and by addressing underlining issues and helping repair broken family systems, we are able to greatly minimised the chance of relapse. This approach provides our clients with the best possible chances of a strong and long-term sustainable recovery.

Contact us today for a consultation and allow us help you get back on track and become free of addiction.

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