Our qualified staff at the Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab are addiction specialists who understand the complex journey of rebuilding our lives.

We have walked this journey of recovery and are able to relate to your needs and struggles. This personal experience with addiction gives us compassion and insight into the recovery process to support you through every step of your journey.

Short Stay Rehab

Our intake worker can discuss with you your treatment options and length of stay during an initial consultation. Our all inclusive daily fee for the short stay rehab is $1,500 for a private room, or $1650 for a private room with ensuite, or $1,850 for the spacious penthouse. This daily fee (with GST) includes food, staff supervision, therapies (both group therapy and individual therapy), family support, aftercare, activities, transport, pickups and other services provided. 

This all-inclusive fee also ensures your complete anonymity from Government EHealth records, Private Health Insurance records as well as Income Protection Insurers that often try to load additional premiums after a person has received treatment for addiction from providers that link their electronic records.

Clients must bring their own medication regime with them that has been authorised by their doctor to be dispensed through a Webster/Blister pack. If additional prescribed medication is required during your stay, this can be added to your rehab fee. Clients are provided with weekly intravenous vitamin therapy, as well as foundational oral supplements; Zinc, Vit C, Vit D, Magnesium, Multivitamin powder, Omega 3 Krill Oil and Probiotics. Clients wishing to receive additional supplements prescribed by their integrative doctor or naturopath are charged according to their health needs.

You are welcome to continue your treatment beyond 28 days if you want to ensure that you are confident and ready to manage the challenges and complexities of life. If you have any particular concerns or requirements during your stay, we are always happy to discuss this with you.

Day Treatment

The cost of intensive day treatment as outlined on our Day Treatment page  is $495 (ex GST) per day for the complete intensive day treatment package. This includes small group therapy with treatment manual, individual therapy, family support and aftercare. The total cost of day treatment is $495 x 20 full days of treatment = $9,900 (+GST $990) = $10,890.

This is run as a small group therapy with a maximum of 3 participants and generally designed for people that are used to working full time with this level of concentration and focused attention.

If people are not able to allocate the full 4 weeks of 20 days, then we have an individual one-on-one condensed program for 4 weeks that provides 16 full days of treatment. The 16 day Intensive day treatment, is only available when people pay for one-on-one, individual treatment which costs 2 positions (ie, 2 people).Intensive day treatment = $990 x 16 days = $15,840 (+ GST $1,584) = $17,424.

If you prefer this individual one-on-one intensive day treatment due to the need for privacy and confidentiality, this can be provided for an extra fee as explained above. 

The day treatment is designed for people that only need to participate in the intensive day treatment program from 9:30am to 3:30pm and does not include any accommodation or allied health that is outlined in our short stay rehab.

This was designed for local people, or for people that are living with a strong secure alcohol and drug free household that provides the support and supervision they need to participate in the day treatment without being on their own unsupervised and at risk of lapsing.

This Intensive Day Treatment is delivered by our Clinical Director with 29 years of experience, who is a Dual Diagnosis Consultant and you can read about his qualifications and experience on the STAFF PAGE.

Cost vs Benefits

If you are considering treatment, we encourage you to watch the Stages of Change video on the bottom of the SERVICES PAGE, and sit down with a pen & paper to determine the cost of doing the treatment, vs the cost of not doing treatment. Please understand that once treatment commences there is no refund for fees or deposits paid upfront.

Please remember that you will suffer doing the treatment and you will suffer not doing the treatment. Either way, you will suffer, but you may as well suffer completing your treatment and having something to show for it, rather than suffering in your addiction and have nothing to show for it. At the Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab we have a saying, that we will drive our car, work and relationships by our principles, values and morals…. REGARDLESS OF HOW WE FEEL…!!! This is the cornerstone of sustainable recovery.

As many of our clients say, “It’s wonderful to be free from the control of this addiction that was destroying every part of my life. It’s great to start living again and actually enjoy life instead of enduring it in my addiction.”

People are often able to access their superannuation fund for their treatment and ‘Release My Super’ are experts in this area. To discuss this option, click on their logo below…

What Is The Cost Of Not Doing Treatment?

There are many ways to measure the harm caused by addiction and we encourage you to watch the Cycle of Addiction video on the SERVICES PAGE to help you understand and factor in all the ways that addiction has harmed yourself and those you love.

  • Health (physical or mental health)
  • Legal (fines, court, travelling overseas etc)
  • Financial (accommodation, car, debts etc)
  • Relationships (family and friends)
  • Vocational (work or school)
  • Spiritual (principles & values compromised)
  • Coping Mechanism (underdeveloped communication & conflict resolution skills)

What Are The Savings Of Doing Treatment?

If you were to estimate how much money you have spent on your addiction in the last 12 months, what would that figure be? $_______

Then add all of the other 6 areas of harm above from the cycle of addiction into your costs vs benefits chart.

Now in terms of investing financially into treatment; if you were to subtract the cost of treatment from the financial cost of continuing in your addiction for the next 12 months, how much money will you save in the next 12 months by completing your treatment?

The cost of addiction is high, and the financial benefits of staying free from addiction are huge. Treatment may be the best investment you ever make. Consider the cost of substance abuse. 

A raging ice or cocaine addiction may cost $1000 per day or more. Around $365,000 per year. A 28-day treatment program with us can range from around $10,000 for the full DAY TREATMENT of 20 days, or between $42,000 and $50,000 for the SHORT STAY REHAB. With successful recovery, that’s a saving of between $355,000 and $315,000 per year, and around $1million every 3 years. This makes private treatment a valuable investment.

Now take into account the other 6 areas of harm above from the cycle of addiction…

Similarly, an executive client running a successful enterprise runs the risk of losing their business if they continue to drink a bottle of whiskey per day or other drugs such as cocaine. Not to mention the cost of divorce, health breakdown, loss of income, family and support network breakdown. Addiction is an expensive lifestyle.

How much suffering and pain can you avoid in the next 12 months by completing your treatment?

Pay It Forward

You may remember that inspiring movie, ‘Pay It Forward’ (2000) with Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment and Helen Hunt ( This young boy inspired a movement of passing on the kindness shown to you. We have seen many noticeboards with service providers and even coffee shops that invite patrons to ‘Pay It Forward’ and pay for a coffee or another service to a total stranger that needs help.

At the Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab, we invite people to contribute towards part, or all of the full treatment for someone that has applied to our scholarship fund who cannot afford the cost of private treatment. If you would like to consider this random act of kindness, please contact our office and we would be delighted to discuss this with you.

If you would like to apply for this support, please use the contact form on our contact page.

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