ICE Rehab Gold Coast

Ice rehab Gold Coast

ICE rehab Gold Coast, Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab specialise in the rehab of ice addiction and help people lose their addiction to ICE (meth).
ICE is one of the most dangerous and devastating drugs to hit our streets. It is highly addictive and can take control of someone’s life very easily. Many people addicted to ICE will do whatever it takes to get a hit. If you are developing an ICE addiction or ICE has already taking control of your life, it is vital that you seek help as soon as possible. Delaying the treatment and rehab for an ICE addiction can cause irreversible damage to your health. ICE destroys lives, it destroys families, relationships, careers and can financially destroy people. ICE would have to be one of, if not the most dangerous and addictive drugs available on our streets today.

If you are reading this because you are seeking help for an ICE addiction, you have taken the first step in your recovery. The second step is to get in contact with us and organise rehab. The withdrawal symptoms experienced from ice addiction can be very powerful and is a drug that can be very difficult to simply stop taking without help and support. Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab are here to provide the help and support that is required to safely detox and recover from ICE addiction. We understand that people can form addictions for many reasons. We do not judge any of our clients, and every one of our clients is treated with the highest level of respect and dignity, simply put, our clients are our guests. We provide an ICE rehab service that is of the highest standard and focus on addressing the underlying issues from an integrated holistic approach to help our clients build long-term sustainable recovery.  The founder of Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab is a recovered addict himself and has close to 30 years experience in helping people lose their addictions and regain control of their lives.

If you are seeking Ice rehab Gold Coast, contact us today for a free consultation and together let’s get you back in control of your life.
To learn more about the founder of Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab and to see the extensive list of qualifications in addiction treatment, please visit his full bio page found here.

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