Drug and Alcohol Treatment Gold Coast

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Gold Coast

Are you searching for Drug and alcohol treatment Gold Coast? Gold Coast addiction and treatment rehab Gold Coast specialise in the treatment of addiction and assist people in losing their addictions and regaining control of their lives. Drugs and alcohol can, and does destroy lives. Drug and alcohol abuse is responsible for broken relationships, family breakdowns, financial loss, declining and sometimes irreversible damage to people’s health, and negatively affects people’s lives in many other ways.

Our Drug and alcohol treatment Rehab on the Gold Coast utilises an integrated holistic framework model to help people not only recover from their addictions, but assists our clients to build long-term sustainable recovery.

We understand that sometimes the pressures of everyday life can lead people to consume alcohol and take drugs to help them cope. While this may be effective in the short term, unfortunately if this becomes a repeated behaviour it often leads to an addiction that can have real and detrimental effects on people’s lives.

All our clients are treated as our guests at our rehab centre and all guests are treated with the highest level of respect and dignity. George Patriki, the founder of Gold Coast Addiction and Rehab has over 28 years of clinical experience treating people with addictions and has over 7 years lived as an addict himself. He understands addictions and has assisted thousands of people lose their addictions and got people get back on track and in control of their lives.

If you are looking for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Gold Coast and are reading this, then you have made the first crucial step in your recovery, seeking help. The realisation that you are forming an addiction and seeking help is the start of your journey to a better life.

The second step in your addiction recovery is to get in touch, call George on  (+61) 0408 332 765 or email george@goldcoastaddictionandtreatmentrehab.com for a confidential discussion of your needs.

Alternatively you can contact George by heading over to the contact page on this website and submitting an enquiry on the contact form.
To lean more about George’s qualifications, experience and the amazing work he has contributed to society, please check out his bio here.

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