Detox for alcoholics Gold Coast

Detox for alcoholics Gold Coast

If you are searching for detox for alcoholics Gold Coast and are reading this, well done.
You have taken the first step in the recovery of alcohol addiction.

Repeated habits can often lead to addictions and alcohol is one substance that can take control of someone’s life very easily. Unfortunately, a couple of drinks after work each day can lead to many more and over time if this habit is not pulled into check can manifest into an alcohol addiction. It is imperative that upon the realisation that you have an alcohol addiction that you seek help. Alcohol can do serious damage to the human body when over consumption becomes an everyday habit and if left unchecked for too long can often cause irreversible damage to one’s health.

Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab specialise in the treatment of all types of addictions and detox for alcoholics is one service that we consider ourselves experts at. (Check out the homepage of our website to find out the dates of our next detox).
Our privately owned alcohol detox facility provides all the vital services required to safely detox from alcohol. Run by George Patriki, Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab have over 18 years’ experience treating people with alcohol detox and assisting people safely lose their addiction to alcohol and return to a life where they are back in control, alcohol isn’t.

Rebuilding your life by recovering from an alcohol addiction takes time, dedication and patience. But with the help of our addiction treatment team, on the completion of our short stay rehab or day treatment program you will have the confidence and the skills to live your life free from addiction. We are the experts in detox for alcoholics and all our clients are treated with the highest degree of respect and dignity. Our clients are our guests.

Contact us today to learn more about our detox for alcoholics treatment options and to organise your detox from alcohol.

To see the full list of Georges qualifications and to learn about his expertise in addiction treatment, please visit his bio page here.

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