Naltrexone as a pharmacotherapy

Naltrexone as a pharmacotherapy, has been at the centre of debate in the Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) and medical fields for over 20 years. Opinions are polarized as evidences have been presented for and against the use of Naltrexone for Opiate dependency. DOWNLOAD NALTREXONE REPORT HERE

Naltrexone as a pharmacotherapy

Why is private treatment expensive?

WHY IS PRIVATE TREATMENT EXPENSIVE? One question people ask us, is why we charge a higher fee per day for our treatment programs than Government programs. That’s a good question. There are several factors involved in our fee structure worth considering. Firstly, the services page explains our integrated and holistic approach to recovery that includes …

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Why is private treatment expensive

Professional/ Executive Rehab

Professional/ Executive Rehab So, you don’t want to line up in the queues for a public detox. Waiting lists can be up to six weeks for government- funded service. And what if someone there recognises you, perhaps the word will get out that you’re in a drug & alcohol facility. That could jeopardise your reputation …

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Professional Executive Rehab

Who is rehab for?

Who is rehab for? Acknowledging you have an addiction is the first step to recovery. Addiction often refers to a physical or psychological need to continually use a substance or repeated behaviour that causes harm to yourself and / or those you love. Some substances can be more physically addictive than others and some people …

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7 News Gold Coast Feature

7 News Gold Coast Feature Gold Coast Detox is a private drug and alcohol addiction management centre for detoxification located on the Gold Coast. Clients are offered drug and alcohol withdrawal in a relaxed non-clinical retreat-style environment.

7 News Gold Coast Feature
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