Addiction-Treatment Gold Coast

Addiction Treatment Gold Coast

Are you suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol and are looking for an effective addiction treatment solution?

Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab is a Gold Coast based program that specialises in the treatment of addiction.  All steps to a successful recovery are provided through our “Live-in short stay rehab” 28 days and beyond, as well as our day treatment for people that live on the Gold Coast but are unable to stay overnight due to work or family commitments. Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab is a privately owned, recovery and healing retreat that offers full and comprehensive addiction treatment in a relaxed, retreat styled environment.

We understand the complexities of substance abuse and provide a safe addiction treatment service that covers everything from the initial detox, withdrawals, all the way through to addressing underlining issues from an integrated holistic framework. This not only helps people recover from their addiction, but assists in putting people back on path to a long term sustainable recovery.

The first step to recovery is realising and accepting that you have and addiction, the second step is to take part in an effective Addiction Treatment.

We provide that second step, and are that second step required to get you back in control of your life and to be able to rebuild and recover from your addiction.

George Patriki, the clinical director of Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment has over 7 years of drug addiction himself and has spent over 10 years accessing various substanse abuse treatment and recovery programs. After leaving the drug culture back in 1983, George began reaching out to people suffering from substance abuse issues. 27 years on, George is now an expert in dealing with addiction and over nearly 3 decades has helped thousands of people suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues.

To read a full overview of Georges extensive qualifications please read his full bio here.

Are you ready to take back control of your life?
If you answered yes, then please contact Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab on any of the various contact methods found on our contact page or call 0408 332 765.

“Our mission is to treat our clients with respect, dignity and compassion”

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