Addiction Rehab Gold Coast

Are you suffering from an addiction and are looking for Addiction Rehab Gold Coast?
Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab is a private recovery and healing retreat on the Gold Coast that specialises in the treatment of addiction.

Whether you have a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling problem or are suffering from a behavioural issue that is causing you harm and harm to those that you love, we are here to help.

Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab offers both live-in short stay rehabilitation as well as day treatment. We offer a relaxed and non-clinical styled rehab utilising an integrated holistic model. Operated by trained addiction professionals, we are able to treat all addictions to assist people regain control of their lives.

Addiction to drugs, alcohol and other substances often affects both family and loved ones and we understand the complexities of addiction and provide support services for your family and loved ones to help them work together with you. This additional level of support will greatly assist in your recovery and the sustainability of a long term recovery.

Why choose us?

Run by George Patriki, Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab are experts in the treatment of addictions and have over 28 years’ experience treating people suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. We focus on all the issues that contributed to addiction including addressing any underlying issues. Our addiction rehab provides a full addiction recovery service and by treating not only the addiction, but helping people resolve the circumstances that contributed to the addiction we are able to help people make a full recovery as well as greatly reduce the possibility of relapse. This provides our clients with a long term and sustainable recovery.

Our clients are our guests and all our guests are treated with the highest level of respect. We do not judge and understand that life can be hard on all of us at times. At some point of our lives we can fall and we are here to help you get “back on the horse” so to speak.

With the assistance from our addiction rehab team we can help you recover from your addiction and get your life back on track.
Create a new life and get in touch with Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab today.

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