Addict-Recovery Gold Coast

Addiction Recovery Gold Coast

Do you struggle with an alcohol or drug addiction? Gold Coast addiction and treatment rehab specialise in addiction recovery Gold Coast. Our relaxed non-clinical styled rehab is a full service addiction and mental health recovery retreat on the Gold Coast that has been assisting people recover from their addictions for over 28 years.

We help our clients every step of the way and provide tailored addiction treatments. Our holistic framework and expert staff treat any underlining issues so that our clients have a stronger chance of a sustainable recovery.

For many of our clients, detox is the first stage of their recovery process. We provide a safe detoxification process and all treatment options are tailored to suit each and every individuals addiction.

We are experienced in all the side effects of addiction recovery detox and the withdrawal symptoms associated when your body is adjusting to the lack of alcohol or drugs from your system. Our expert staff will make sure you are as comfortable as possible during this process and that your detox and withdrawal is safe.

We understand that the addiction recovery process of detox can be the most difficult part of your treatment and our trained councillors and medical staff will support you in every step of your addiction recovery.

We have revolutionised the practice of addiction treatment through years of research and experience. No matter what your addiction, whether drugs, alcohol, gambling, or any other form of addiction that has harmful effects on your life and the life of ones you love, we are here to help.

Our clients are treated as our guests and all our guests are treated with the highest level of respect, dignity and compassion. We understand that everyone is unique and that addictions can happen to the best of us.

Get in contact with Gold Coast Addiction and Treatment Rehab today and get your life back on track and lose your addiction for a better life.

About our founder.
George Patriki has over 7 years lived experience as an ex-addict himself and spent over 10 years accessing various treatment and recovery programs to work through the underlying issues. Soon after exiting the drug culture in 1983, George began reaching out to people with substance abuse issues and has 28 years of clinical experience as a counsellor, educator and clinical supervisor. – Read his full profile here.

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