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Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab

Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab is a private recovery and healing retreat on the Gold Coast. Our clients are our guests and we offer comprehensive treatment in a relaxed non-clinical retreat-style environment

Our Clients Are Our Guests

We are experts in dealing with addiction with over 29 years of experience in substance abuse & mental health issues. We focus on addressing the underlying issues from an integrated holistic approach to help our clients build long-term sustainable recovery so they are able to thrive, not just survive.

We offer both LIVE-IN SHORT STAY REHAB for 30 days and beyond, as well as INTENSIVE DAY TREATMENT for people who live in the local Gold Coast area and are unable to stay overnight. 

Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab respects people’s need for privacy, so we offer complete discretion and confidentiality with paper only files and no electronic records that can be accessed by any other organisation such as Medicare or private health insurance. This is important for many people who want to protect their income protection policies from increasing premiums and loading, as well as potential problems with WorkCover issues. You are welcome to use an alias name during your stay at our rehab and when you leave, you have the option to shred your file to protect your identity.

Our quality psycho-social education, along with personal counselling, sometimes called individual psychotherapy, will help you understand yourself and others, as well as how to permanently overcome the addiction. Our small private healing retreat style rehab offers a contemporary upmarket facility that is an alternative to a hospital environment, or large government subsidised services that can feel overwhelming to some people.

Our clients receive quality treatment at a quality facility in a quality location.9

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Clients are welcome.


There is no better place to complete rehab than the Gold Coast in Australia. We believe the ocean offers a tranquil environment to complement the treatment, as well as enjoy a daily walk along the beach or swim in a pool. The sea has always been known to offer benefits on our health and wellbeing. Our rehab is a quiet residential, retreat-style accommodation in a large designer home and close to the Gold Coast airport.

We offer clients free airport pickup, or we can meet you at a designated meeting location. Our surrounding neighbourhood is a quiet area close to parklands and close transport to the beach.

Private Recovery & Healing Retreat

We understand that working through addiction is stressful, so we aim to create a healthy, comfortable and safe environment for your rehab experience. Gold Coast Addiction & Treatment Rehab offers beautiful ambience and an upmarket accommodation, which cannot be found in a hospital facility. We treat our clients as our guests and each client is made to feel welcome by our warm and caring staff who have had personal experience with addiction. You may not remember our names when you leave our program, but we ensure you never forget how we made you feel during our stay with us.

Our retreat-style accommodation offers our clients their own private room as we believe people need space outside of the treatment times. Most rooms have an ensuite as explained on pricing page. We aim to create a relaxing atmosphere and quality care, along with 24-hour professional support. You will have personal interaction with our treatment team during the day who will design and deliver a treatment program to meet your needs. We also have staff overnight while you sleep to ensure you remain safe, well rested and comfortable.

*Our address is not listed anywhere to maintain our clients’ privacy and not revealed to anyone outside of the treatment team.

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