A Response to the Letter from my Disease

Hello Disease, I thank you for your time.
I’m so glad you’ve stopped by, it’s time to take back what’s mine.
I will sleep soundly with peace and love in my heart,
Whilst you continue your downward spiral, in your lonely style of black art.
You were kicked out weeks ago, the locks have been changed.
It’s time for you to pester elsewhere, you’re clearly quite deranged.
My girls, friends and family is all that matters now.
So, please take your death pipe, and smoke it like only you know how.
You never made me happy, you were always just a Band-Aid.
Now my wounds are healed, you’ll always wish you could’ve stayed.
You certainly are just fiction, I must reiterate;
It’s time for you to move on, you are degenerate.
You were always just a grain of sand, not the grandiose you profess;
It’s time for me to kick your arse, I’m destined for success!
You’ve lost the code to my mind, you’ll never turn my light away.
So time now you go bury yourself, you were always just a dose of betray.
I’ll spend my life with my light and loves, something you’ll never be.
So free yourself Satan, you’ll never be with me.
I’ve told them all about you, your lies and your deceit;
They’ve reminded me you’re simply a joke, a smokescreen, never to repeat.
You’ll never have a platform, to say your empty hate speech;
Now I’ve mended from your wounds, I can now see it’s amazing to live on the beach!
Oh please, you were never my disease;
Just a fragment of my imagination, stemmed from a cold childhood, lacking any appease.
So, go on now, we are done;
Thanks for nothing, you really always were just scum.

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